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Our Services

We Are Experts In:

Site Evaluation

Professional view on properties.
We provide consultation services for both developers and owners on evaluating the property on lease or sale. Our agents are well prepared to equip you with strategic options which save time but keep you assured on finding your dream property.

Legal Guidance

Solving legal hiccups.
At CT Unity, our personnels are equipped with legislation knowledge and experiences to aid you from the Sales & Purchase Agreement procedures up till the Memorandum of Transfer procedure guiding you through it all. Besides, we also provide legal assistance for foreign purchaser’s tax details and commitments.

Bank Loan Syndication

Smooth Loan Arrangements.
With years of experience in the industry we have built up various banking networks that aid you in syndicating bank loans. We are able to help not just in smooth loaning transactions but to allocate the best options for your budgeting.

Re-Furnishing Product

Repackaging and Refurbishing of Properties.
Re-furnishing selected properties and package offers are also part of our agent’s expertise. We offer this service in light of changing the property to your taste buds. Offering you deals of reasonable refurbishing packages which are modern and tailored to your sense of style.
Copyright 2023 by CT Unity Properties Sdn Bhd
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