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About Us

Property-hunting in the 21st century, be it residential or commercial, can be an extreme hassle! However, if you choose to hire the right mind which comes with both knowledge and expertise at the right time, then you might end up with exactly what you’re looking for; sometimes, even more!
Here at CT Unity Consultant, we provide highly qualified and experienced property consultants who are all set to provide you the strategies, knowledge and confidence you need in making the right choices. As one of the property consultant companies based in the southern-most tip of Peninsular Malaysia, CT Unity Consultant would like to extend our hands and hearts in helping you pick the best kind of space you desire.


To empower everyone deserve their dream


To achieve everyone goal in their life

Core Value

  • Result
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Responsibilities (Value)
  • Fun


  • 100% Full Commission
  • One on one Training
  • On job training regarding property, loan and legal field
  • Sales Bonus
  • 2020 Sales Campaign (Bali Trips, Mont Blanc Pen, Phuket Trips, Ipad)
  • 2020 Annual Sales Campaign (8D6N Europe Trip + RM27,000 Incentive Bonus)

Why Choose Us

Highly Experienced

Highly Experienced

We provides all the services you need from site and property arrangements to legislation.
Free Consultation

Free Consultation

We provide consultation services for both developers and owners on evaluating the property on lease or sale.
Grate Track Record

Grate Track Record

We had 99% successful cases and consult over 450+ clients.
Copyright 2023 by CT Unity Properties Sdn Bhd
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